The original contract was awarded to Oldknow Earthmoving and Haulage (OEH) in October 2001 for one year to mine, process and haul 100,000 Tonnes of Fine Coal product to Bayswater Power Station. This contract was completed successfully and a further contract for three years was awarded in February 2003 for a total of 400,000 Tonnes. The project required two excavators, a dozer, screening plant, on road and off road trucks, and a front end loader. The Fine Coal emplacement areas are situated in old open cut workings and each area is approximately two hundred metres square with a depth of thirty metres. One of the critical parameters of the contract was to keep material moisture as low as possible. During the contract various methods of stockpiling, ripping and turning the material in the pit, stockpiling the material in the pit and capping the heap in the event of rain and screening prior to rain were used. There was ongoing design and construction of pads and access ramps, access roads both internally and externally, drainage and runoff water control and maintenance of all those concerns.

Mining of Fine Coal (Liddell Coal Operations)
Liddell Coal Operations

Liddell Coal Operations

Mining of Fine Coal

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