Oldknow Earthmoving and Haulage (OEH) completed this project in six stages varying from small shaping work to a high wall of approximately 100 metres in height. The estimated time to complete this project was two years and Oldknow Excavations completed the work in eighteen months. Included in the work was the drainage of two dams, one of 100 megalitres and the other of approximately 500 megalitres. The equipment used on this project was a D9L dozer, an input pump driven by a 300HP Cummins engine and a smaller electric pump driven off a generator. The estimated quantity of material moved was 1,500,000 bcm’s which consisted of overburden material, large rocks, preparation plant reject material and some topsoil. Each of the areas was raked, contour drains installed and seeded with native trees and vegetation.

Mine Rehabilitation (Liddell Coal Operations)